June 2015 Meeting Minutes

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Let me start by updating the membership on the Andrews Firearms Proposal.  The bad weather that moved in on the night of the meeting prompted the town council to cancel the meeting, and move the meeting’s agenda to next month on the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30 pm (Aug. 11, 2015).  So it appears that even the weather is a Second Amendment supporter.  With the meeting being postponed until next month, it will give us time to review the town’s proposal and form a game plan.  At this time, GRNC has been sent the proposal to review and we are awaiting their input, but upon having reviewed the proposal,  I do feel the town council has over stepped their authority to regulate some of the areas referred to in the proposal.  Please attend tomorrow’s meeting for additional updates on this matter.  We will also be sending out additional newsletters updating the membership as to the status of this proposal as well.  At this time though, I would like every member to mark their calendar for the above date, and let’s show up in numbers and show our support for the Second Amendment!  Remember if they can do it in Andrews, then it can also be done in Murphy, or any other town in North Carolina!


On a more positive note, next month is the Scott Hogsed Youth Day (Aug. 22, 2015).  Once again, mark your calendar for this special event, and if at all possible make plans to help the youth of the area learn correct firearms safety.  One never knows when your help or words of safety might save a life.  Also don’t forget that next month’s meeting will be held at the Scott Hogsed grounds in Brasstown NC, so bring your shotgun and enjoy the Sporting Clays shoot.


I look forward to seeing everyone at tomorrow’s meeting at 7:00 pm at the Murphy Senior Center.



Jeff Gustason




MINUTES:  Meeting 7 pm Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 at the Senior Citizens center in Murphy.

ATTENDANCE:  Jeff and Kyler Gustason, John Mattox, Tom Coy, James Smith, Steve Soffer, Jon and Peggy Fischrupp, Roger and Pat Shay, Tom and Judy Herr, John Mullinix, Terri and Ricky Martinez, Dannie and Nancy Lane, Alan Whitman, David Heche, Joe and Sue Liguori, Dr. Dan Eichenbaum, Rhonda Crowder, Mark Graham, Chuck and Mary Ann Hoesch, Clark Molster, Grace and Rusty Frederick, Jackie Hawkins, Dan and Joyce Bius, Sal Munizzi, Fred Hecklau, and James Maloney. Guests were Jeff Anderson, Bob Calloway, Bob Thomas, Bill Long, David Conley, Alex Owen, and Brian Rau.

PRESIDENT JEFF: Jeff opened the meeting to order at 7:04 pm and the pledge of allegiance was led by Mary Ann Hoesch. Jeff introduced guests and new members. Bob Calloway and Sal Manuzzi joined at the meeting. The minutes and treasury report was read and approved. We currently have $2,797.15 in our treasury. Jeff mentioned the Cherokee County GOP is raffling off a Henry lever action .22LR rifle. Tickets are $3 or 7 for $20. September 10th is the drawing. Elliott Southworth is raffling off a 12 ga. Mossberg O/U for the club. Jeff also mentioned a civil war bullet case that is available to the highest bidder.

The kids’fishing contest will be held July 4th at Conaheete Park. Mary Ann has the signup sheet. Time is 9 to noon and our club will supply the bait. Jeff also asked for more support for next year’s handicapped fishing derby. We had 10 members participate this year, down from 25 in years past. Jeff hopes we will get more support next year. Jeff recognized Allan Whitman and Jackie Hawkins for helping with club events last year.

JOHN MATTOX:John announced that we will be shooting sporting clays on Saturday, June 27th. Contact John or Jerry Miller if interested.

 TOM HERR: Tom announced the range is in good shape but someone is removing targets and the garbage cans are getting full. If any members are able to help with range duties, please see Jeff.

DAVID HECHE: David announced that July 4th is a free fishing day without a license in any waterway in NC. If you go to our website and click on events you will see fishing events listed. Recently Dave fished the Soco River in GA and caught a dozen trout. Fishing is currently slow at Hiawassee and Chatuge lakes. A guy who works at Waffle King recently caught a 9 lb. trout at Appalachia Lake. Tom and Dave fished on June 10th and some fish were caught. The catfish that are being caught seem to be in about 35’of water.

DR. DAN EICHENBAUM: Dr. Dan announced a county fair to be held October 23, 24 and 25 at the Mountain Folk Center. The saddle club, 4H, farmer’s market and gospel will be participating.

Jeff Anderson from was our guest speaker. The organization was formed to help repeal many of Georgia’s antiquated gun laws. From humble beginnings just a few years ago, they now have over 6000 members and have been instrumental in getting the state of Georgia to update and/or repeal some of their gun laws. Because of their actions, Georgia is now in the top five of gun friendly states.

Terry Martinez asked for adjournment at 8:17pm and Mary Ann Hoesch seconded. The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by:

John Mattox



April 2015 Meeting Minutes

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
I hope this newsletter finds each of you doing well, and hopefully above water with all the rain we have had.  Unless the forecast for Tuesday changes, it looks like we will have a pretty evening for this month’s meeting, so come out and enjoy the fellowship, and get updated on the club’s activities. As I stated last month, thank you again for the great attendance that we have had this year at the meetings.  The large attendance has me wondering if we are about to outgrow the Senior Center.  With that said, if anyone has any suggestions on another venue to meet at, please share that information with me, and I will check into it.  I guess if there is a good problem for an organization to have, outgrowing your facility would be it.
This month, the Hiwassee Dam Shooting Team coaches will be present to update the membership on their program.  They are in need of some financial support to help fund their program, and as I have stated in the past, this is your club not the board’s, and they will need member support in order for these decisions to be made.  On a personal note, I would very much like to see the club continue their support of these youth programs. I feel they are not only great programs, which I would have enjoyed very much as a youth, but that a group of kids that might not have ever participated in a school program are involved in these.  The firearms safety that these kids are learning, and passing along, may also be saving lives, a bonus that we may never know or realize, but one of great consequences.   I will also take a minute to remind the members about next month’s range meeting.  Mark your calendars now.  We only have two of these a year, so come out and enjoy the evening with us.  We also have a representative from Georgia Concealed Carry Organization who will be our speaker for the month of June.  Any questions you might have about Georgia laws or the reciprocity of your current license, he will be able to address.

The NRA Banquet was again a very nice event, and I think the food was the best we’ve had.  The club had several members in attendance, and many of them went home with merchandise!  Again this is an event worth supporting.  The funds raised at this event have been given back to Cherokee County ranges and youth programs by over 250 percent! In closing, I hope your schedule will allow you to attend tomorrow’s meeting (April 21) at the Senior Center in Murphy at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully, Jeff Gustason

MOUNTAIN COUNTRY ROD & GUN CLUB MINUTES:   Meeting 7 pm Tuesday, March 17th, 2015 at the Senior Citizens center in Murphy. ATTENDANCE:  Jeff Gustason, Kyler Gustason, Bill Rau, Ann Rau, John Mattox, Elliot Southworth, Tom Coy, Lori Coy, James Smith, Ginny, Steve Soffer, Jon Fischrupp, Peggy Fischrupp, Chuck Hoesch, Mary Ann Hoesch, Glen Gale, Roger Shay, Pat Shay, Tom Herr, Judy Herr, John Mullinix, Dick Pigati, Mary Lou Lineberger, Walt Lineberger, John Cook, Charlene Cook, Clark Molster, Jerry Miller, Robert Knapp, Kathleen Knapp, Terri Martinez, Ricky Martinez, Jeff York, Bob Short, Pete Michel, Joe Piazza, Carrie Brekke, Marge Krutulis, Joyce Bius, Dan Bius, Ken Lloyd, Mike Sanders, Debbie Sanders, and Ray Kimball. PRESIDENT JEFF:  Jeff opened the meeting to order at 7:05 pm and the pledge of allegiance was led by Bob Short.  Jeff went over our minutes and treasury report.  Our treasury report was $4963.34 as of 03/16/15. Jeff then asked if we had any guests present.  Guests present were Jean Emerson, Shawn Davis, Kathie Palladino, Carol Barbour, David Degerolamo, and Lucy Degerolamo.

Jeff recognized the great turnout that we had this evening.  Jeff also presented an award to Clark Molster for his contribution to club projects last year.  Also, Elliot Southworth donated the website fee again this year.  Jeff asked about Dannie Lane and Ray Kimball said he is doing much better.  Bob Short was at the meeting this evening and it was good to have him back. The Murphy Shooting Team will be competing the weekend of March 21 and 22.  Our club voted to give $500 to the Murphy Shooting Team to help with expenses.   The mowing of the range was awarded to Ricky and Terri Martinez for $60 per mowing and weedeating.  Terri said that the men’s and ladie's T shirts are here and for sale.  Club caps will be here soon.  Bill Rau said that he can get lots of cardboard for the range. Jeff said to bring it to Hughes Electric.  Tom Herr said everything is going well at the range.  Tom refurbishes the wooden stands and replaces the cardboard.

JOHN MATTOX: John said that the guys will be shooting sporting clays on Saturday, March 21.  They usually meet at the boat ramp across from the fire station at 8 am. FISHING COMMITTEE: Tom Coy gave a fishing report.  It wasn’t very good, as the fish aren’t currently biting at Nottley, Appalachia, and Hiawassee lakes.  Hopefully fishing will get better as the weather gets better.

Carrie Brekke said that there will be a shooting clinic for women only on April 18th.  Cost is $25 and lunch will be provided.  Bring a handgun or one can be provided for you if you do not have one.  The clinic will cover practical pistol training.  For more information, call Carrie Brekke at 706-896-6075.

Elliot Southworth has raffle tickets for a Mossberg Over & Under 12 ga. shotgun.  It is made by Kahn Mfg. in Turkey and comes with five Benelli chokes.  Tickets are $1 or 6 for $5.  Contact Elliot at 360-1602 or see him at a meeting.  The NRA banquet is this Saturday and the national NRA meeting will be in Nashville in April.  Some of the members may be carpooling to the national meeting.  The Exhibition hall admission is free to NRA members. Ray Kimball made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:40pm and John Mullinix seconded. Submitted by: John Mattox-Secretary

Additional notes:

    For those of you who purchase an annual pass to the Panther Top Range, the annual fee is  still $25.00. However, if you renew now your pass will expire 12/31/15 and then be an annual, calendar year pass thereafter.
    The MCRAGC online classifieds is free for members to list their items for sale. You'll need a username and password to access listing items. Contact Elliott for details.


January 2015 Meeting Minutes

MINUTES:  Meeting 7 pm Tuesday, January 20, 2015, at the Senior Citizens Center in Murphy

ATTENDANCE:  Glen Gale, Walt Lineberger, Chuck & Mary Anne Hoesch, Joe Piazza, Carrie Brekke, Ginny Heche, David Heche, Pete Michel, Tom & Judy Herr, Dick Pigati, Bill & Ann Rau, Dennis Bonduel, Larry Reid, Robert Watson, Roger & Pat Shay, Gary & Maggie Gobeo, John Mullinix, Ken Lloyd, Jim Wilkes, Ricky & Terri Martinez, Elliott Southworth, Mark Graham, Dan & Joyce Bius, Clark Molster.

PRESIDENT JEFF:  Jeff opened the meeting at 6:58 pm, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Jeff thanked everyone for coming and introduced the guests for the evening as well as the speakers, Tim Pratt and David Dockery who represent the Murphy Shooting Team.  Tim showed the attendees a bolt action rifle, cal. 280, which is being raffled to raise money for the shooting team.  The drawing will be in April of 2015.  Jeff announced the minutes of the previous meeting and the treasurer's report are in circulation for everyone to review, with the treasurer's report indicating a balance of $4,869.93 as of January 14, 2015.  Jeff said he was very pleased with the great turnout for the Christmas party at the Ballroom and asked if everyone was pleased with the party and the dinner.  He expressed thanks to Jerry Miller for his work in planning the event.   Jeff reminded the members the club is still accepting bids for mowing the range if anyone wishes to bid or knows someone who would be interested.  He passed around a card for the family of Jim Thornton who passed away Monday.  He remembered Jim as a man of character who was outspoken, generous, and a true Christian gentleman.  He also told everyone about the health problems of Danny Lane and Bob Short and asked for prayers for them.  The announcement was made that Ray Kimball wants to give up the position of maintaining the stands for the Range so Jeff is looking for volunteers to take over this job.  He also announced there is a need for cardboard ( 2' x 2') for targets.  Jeff told everyone the sporting clay shoot in December was a good day, but only three people were present.  David Dockery said they had taken one of the shooting team members on a pheasant/quail hunt which was the first time the student had ever gone hunting.  David also invited the gun club members to use their range at no charge to shoot clays if they will bring their clays and ammo. 

Bill Rau reported on the Saturday prior to the club meeting he visited the range and was astounded to see all the parking spaces full and about 20 people using the facility, including a family with younger children.  Unfortunately, there were no club brochures to give out; but the range was in good shape.  He also announced he has three guns belonging to Bruce Thornton for sale if anyone is interested in looking at them. 

Tim Pratt suggested the club consider sponsoring a bass fishing tournament with members who would mentor a youth.

Terri Martinez announced the shirt that was selected by the ladies is not longer available and would like everyone who is ordering a shirt to come select an alternate style.

Mary Ann Hoesch said the photo albums and videos are all up to date and available for viewing by the members.  She would like help putting names of people with the photos and will bring the videos to a meeting to show to the members when a date is available.

Mary Ann also mentioned she and Chuck had to renew their concealed carry permits and learned all that is required is to go to the sheriff's office and pay the required money.  All the other things mentioned in the letter are not required.

Glen Gale said he is still collecting drink can tabs for Ronald McDonald House.  He also announced the Marine Corps League is showing the movie, "American Sniper," at 6:30 p.m. the following night at the Andrews Cinema for $5 which includes popcorn and a drink.  20% of the proceeds will go to The Wounded Warriors Program.

John Mullinix announced the Probate Judge will be the speaker at the Tea Party meeting in GA in February.  If you are interested in attending, please contact John for more details at (706) 632-3343.

Jeff introduced a visitor, Robert Washington, who is a retired gun smith and welcomed him to the meeting.

Tim Pratt and David Dockery were the guest speakers for the evening.  They spoke about the Murphy Shooting Team and all their successes.  They thanked the gun club for their support of the team.  The team will go to State in April.  They are glad to have the new middle schoolers who will rebuild the team as the seniors move on.  There is no charge to the children.  The new 7th graders finished 11th in the state competition, and the high school students finished 4th last year.  It takes approximately 30 to 35 thousand dollars to run the team for a year.  Everything to build the rifle to be raffled was donated to the team, so all ticket sales go to the shooting team.  One of the girls on the team is able to shoot a dime at 17 yards 18 out of 20 times using a 22 rifle.  The school system does not provide any funding for the shooting team; so all donations are greatly appreciated.  He reiterated the drawing for the rifle will be April 18.  Tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10.  Bigger packages are available.  Tim and  David were not selling tickets that evening although they had tickets available to any members who would like to help to sell tickets. The question was asked where the district and state competitions are being held.  District will be in Polk County, NC and state is at Rockingham, NC at Camp Millstone.

Jeff made the suggestion that the next donation from the club to the shooting team should be in memory of Jim Thornton.

It was announced the Friends of the NRA banquet will be held on March 21 at Mountain Vista Inn with Blue Mountain Cafe & Grill providing the meal.  More money than the proceeds of the evening have been donated by the NRA  to the shooting teams, the Scott Hogsed Youth Conservation Day, etc., so he is hoping the club will turn out to support this event.

John Mullinix made the motion to accept the treasurer's report and the minutes and to adjourn.  Elliott Southworth seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by:

Ann Rau - Sitting in for John Mattox, Secretary

Weather may leave some of us without power and unable to attend the meeting tomorrow or let you know if the meeting is cancelled. Use your best judgement.


Meeting Minutes - November 2014


MINUTES:  Meeting 7 pm Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 at the Senior Citizens center in Murphy.

ATTENDANCE:  Jeff Gustason, Bill Rau, Ann Rau, Pete Michel, John Mattox, Elliot Southworth, Jeff York, Marge Krutulis, Tom Coy, Lori Coy, Jerry Miller, Terry Martinez, Ricky Martinez, Dan Bius, Joyce Bius, Wayne Hoefsmit, Linda Hoefsmit, James Smith, Barry Luckenbach, Judy Herr, Tom Herr, Ginny Heche, David Heche, Mark Graham, Steve Soffer, Bob Stone, and Dan Eichenbaum. Bobby Hand and Justin Mickens were our guests this month.

PRESIDENT JEFF: Jeff opened the meeting to order at 6:58 pm and the pledge of allegiance was led by Tom Herr. Jeff thanked everyone for coming out on what is the coldest night of the year so far, and promised to keep the meeting short and sweet. Jeff went over our minutes and treasury report. Our treasury report was $4912.75 as of 11/18/14.  Jeff mentioned the Christmas party that will be held at 6:00pm on Tuesday, December 9th at the Ballroom. Attendees are encouraged to bring cash, check, or a toy for Toys for Tots. Also, there are currently three bids for mowing the range. Jeff also mentioned that Bill Gamble and Peggy Fischrupp have had recent surgeries, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Jeff also mentioned the club putting together a quail and pheasant hunt, if anyone is interested, please contact Jerry Miller.

FISHING COMMITTEE: The fishing side of our club has struggled recently, and the club has been approached by the board members of the new Trout Unlimited organization about possibly teaming up on some future projects in hopes of helping both clubs enhance their fishing interest. Pete Michel reported that Stripers and Smallmouth bass are hitting at Hiwassee Lake, Trout at Appalachia, and Spotted bass at Chatuge.

JOHN MATTOX: John mentioned the duck hunt at Reelfoot Lake in January. John, Jon Fischrupp, and Jerry Miller are going. There is still room for one or two more hunters. If interested, contact Jon Fischrupp. John also gave a sporting clays report. Anyone interested in shooting sporting clays, contact John Mattox or Jerry Miller.

Bob Short made a motion to adjourn and Tom Coy seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm.

Submitted by:

John Mattox-Secretary


October 2014 - Meeting M\inutes

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Another month has passed, and it is again time to update the members with the club activities.  First and foremost, is to remind the members about next months Christmas dinner.  As I have said before, please try to attend this gathering, as it is one of the few times through the year that the families can get together and share in the holiday spirit, and at $13.00 the dinner is a great bargain!  Those who wish to attend please bring your check for your dinner or dinners, to tomorrow’s meeting, or you can drop it in the mail to the club’s PO Box 813, Murphy NC 28906.  Please respond as soon as possible, because we need to know how much, and which types of dinners to order.  A second reminder for the members is to bring a can(s) of can goods to tomorrow’s meeting.  We have a member that has been very sick, and we would like to show that they have not been forgotten about.  A big THANK YOU in advance to all of those willing to help with this good will gesture.

I look forward to seeing you at tomorrows meeting at the Senior Center here in town at 7:00 pm.


Jeff Gustason



MINUTES:   Meeting 7 pm Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 at the Senior Citizens center in Murphy.

ATTENDANCE:  Jeff Gustason, Kyler Gustason, Bill Rau, Ann Rau, Pete Michel, John Mattox, Chuck Hoesch, Mary Ann Hoesch, Elliot Southworth, Jeff York, Marge Krutulis, Tom Coy, Lori Coy, Jackie Hawkins, John Fischrupp, Jerry Miller, Terry Martinez, Ricky Martinez, Dan Bius, Joyce Bius, Wayne Hoefsmit, Dennis Bonduel, Joe Liguori, Elliott Southworth, Ray Kimball, Michael Howe, Michelle Howe, Larry Reid, Bob Short, Clark Molster, James Smith, and Bill Sturgeon.  Michael Ward was our lone guest this month.


PRESIDENT JEFF:  Jeff opened the meeting to order at 7:02pm and the pledge of allegiance was led by Elliott Southworth.  Jeff went over our minutes and treasury report.  Our treasury report was $4737.56 as of 10/16/14.

Jeff said, that after speaking to HD Shooting Team members, our club name will be on the Hiwassee Dam Shooting Team banner at no additional cost to the club.  Elliott Southworth reported that Martins Creek Elementary School was going to start a shooting team.  They will have a Mr. Beavers as their coach.  Also, anyone that wishes to request a membership card contact Jon Fischrupp at 835-9676 and he will mail you one.  Jeff mentioned that Creative Sportswear in Andrews will do embroidery, on your shirt, with our club name and logo for a very small fee for those interested.  Jeff also discussed mowing at the range.  Anyone interested should submit a bid.  Also, on October 30th there will be a land use meeting conducted by the US Forest Service from 4:30 to 7:30pm at the Enloe Building at TCCC.

MICHAEL HOWE:  Michael reported that Steve Troxler, the NC Commissioner of Agriculture, banned concealed carry at the NC state fair.  Grass Roots NC sued, but a judge sided with the Agriculture commissioner.  GRNC will try to convince the NC legislature to repeal the pistol permit fee.  Michael also reported that some insurance companies in some states are trying to raise insurance premiums on gun owners.

FISHING COMMITTEE Pete Michel reported that smallmouth and spotted bass are hitting at Hiawassee Lake.  Topwater lures are working at Lake Chatuge, bass are hitting at Cherokee Lake, and bass and trout are hitting at Appalachia Lake.

JERRY MILLER: Jerry said that our annual Christmas dinner will be at The Ballroom on Tuesday, December 9th.

JOHN MATTOX:  John mentioned the duck hunt at Reelfoot Lake in January.  John, Jon Fischrupp, and Jerry Miller are going.  There is still room for one or two hunters.  If interested, contact Jon Fischrupp.

BILL RAU:  Bill asked that every member bring a canned good, dry goods, or paper products to the next club meeting to help out a fellow member who is having some serious health problems.

Ricky Martinez made a motion to accept the minutes and Bill Sturgeon seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:57pm.


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